Paul and Suah’s Honeymoon in Rome and Florence

Paul and Suah enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon Italy. in Rome and Florence. They visited Rome and Florence, where they spent a week exploring all the amazing sites and soaking up the local culture. Here is what Paul had to say about their honeymoon.

7 Reasons to Go in Venice for Honeymoon

Venice, a city of romance with its unique blend of water and art makes it a perfect choice as an Italy honeymoon destination. The city represents an urban landscape so rich in its lavishness that it can be overwhelming yet feel intimate as you weave through its narrow streets during your Venice honeymoon. Built on water, this 1,000 year old city captivates travelers with its artistic and architectural point of view. Though known for its sites and canals, various parts of the year offer Venetian events such as Carnival which is celebrated for ten days leading up to Lent. If your honeymoon is in September, you may also see the Regatta Storica which is an annual trial of strength and skill for the city’s gondoliers and begins with a procession of richly decorated historic craft along the Grand Canal. The city also hosts the Venice Biennale, a showpiece for international contemporary art that is held every odd-numbered year from June to September. Still, no matter when you walk this city’s streets or ride the waters of its Canal, here are 7 reasons to consider Venice among your honeymoon ideas:

How to Best Enjoy your Italy Honeymoon in Tuscany

Contributed by: Tia Meredith

Stepping upon Tuscan soil is an experience that has been put to canvas by painters such as Leonardo and Raphael. The green valleys, rolling hills, vineyards and olive groves inspire romance and its Renaissance charm makes it a top Italy honeymoon destination. Located along Italy’s central west coast, it is one of the best regions in Italy for a honeymoon. However, because of the variety of experiences this destination has to offer, recommendations from a professional in travel such as those found at Travel2Italy will ensure you have the perfect honeymoon in Tuscany.

Italy: An Unforgettable Photograph

Contributed by: Tia Meredith

Sitting at a café with a group of friends, she shows them a picture of their honeymoon in Italy. The photo shows two people on the Amalfi Coast, a slight breeze in their hair, sun-kissed from days on the shoreand smiles in their eyes. The sea behind them, glinting in the sun, her friends gasp in joy and envy.

A week ago she had returned from the 14 days she and her new husband spent in Italy traveling inVenice, Florence, Rome and then onto the Amalfi Coast through Travel2Italy. She begins as her friends pass the photograph by saying “it was a dream I didn’t think was possible” and takes a sip of her coffee. An eager audience now awaitsher dream reconstructed…

Finding the Best City in Italy for your Honeymoon

Few countries in the world possess the vast beauty, rich heritage and most desirable food in the world than Italy. As couples narrow the honeymoon search to Italy, the focus quickly turns to which Italian city. Loaded with multiple world-class cities, each having its own unique flavor, the honeymoon spots are endless.