Italy is arguably one of the world’s most romantic tourist destinations. Its enchanting cities, breathtaking coasts, dazzling culture and world-class cuisine make it a popular destination for any couple that wants to inject their travels with a large amount of romance. If you are looking for the perfect honeymoon setting, we definitely propose to you to spend it in Italy and more especially in the city of love–in Verona. 

With an undeniable romantic feel, Verona is definitely one of the most preferable Italy honeymoon destinations. Situated about two hours from bustling Milan and touristy Venice, Verona is a welcome sip of pure, easygoing Italy.

The city is known throughout the world as the setting for the star-crossed love affair of Romeo and Juliet, the characters in Shakespeare`s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”, of course. The memory and the image of the balcony where Juliet stepped out to talk to her beloved Romeo; the tomb on which their bittersweet affair was finally smashed, constitute the tormenting reminder of a beautiful yet tragic love story that will linger on above all. A story and a tradition which have given Verona the name “city of love”.

And yet, by visiting Verona you can discover much more: art, history, music, theatre, nature and delicious wines and food. The well preserved historical centre of this city is very old and wide, making Verona one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in Italy. For all these reasons the city  was  defined by the UNESCO as the Capital of Music and Poetry , followed, in 2001,  by its inclusion  in the World Heritage List.

It’s the city where love hangs heavily in the air and where the locals have a joy for life which they will transmit to you in the friendly, courteous and genuine manner for which they are so well renowned. That’s Verona, the ultimate setting for an Italy honeymoon.