Looking for the ultimate Italy honeymoon experience in order to add a little extra shine to the memories of your wedding? You should definitely travel to Venice and enjoy a gondola ride through the city’s romantic and charming narrow canals.

The charm of gondola rides in Venice has since time immemorial attracted visitors to this mesmerizing city, to say nothing about the general belief that riding a gondola in Venice is one of the most delicious and romantic ways to celebrate your love. There is also a rumor that a gondola ride brings closeness to couples or newly-weds who are about to start their new life together. So if you are planning a honeymoon vacation or wish to gift your special someone a memorable time; what can get better than a romantic ride on a beautiful gondola.

It’s the beauty of the gondolas that will hold you in thrall. These gondolas have a wooden structure and are decorated in a traditional fashion. You can even get them decorated as per your choice for special occasions. Newlyweds would love a ride on a gondola ornamented with fragrant flowers.

Apart from all the decorations, it’s the music that steals the hearts of couples. Though some of the gondoliers themselves sing song, you can also arrange for other musicians to play for you on the gondola. From May to October, some gondoliers play accordions to add to the charm of the ride. The gentle ride, quiet music and the company of your cherished one, it is an experience you’ll love to relive again and again.

Though you can hire a gondola from many places, the ride along the Grand Canal is the most famous one. The best places to pick a gondola are Tronchetto and Piazzale Roma.  You just have to sit back and snuggle up in a red velvet-cushioned gondola, and let the gondolier paddle you slowly through quiet side canals, under traditional historic bridges like the Bridge of Sighs and the Rialto. As you gently bob up and down on the wakes of passing boats, let the gondolier tell you stories about Marco Polo, where to eat the best Venetian food or how to cut an extraordinary deal with a local merchant. You should preferably take the ride during the night to enjoy the mesmerizing Venice at its best.

It’s not just gondolas, but the city of Venice itself is a known romantic destination. The tourist attractions in Venice have always fascinated lovers from across the globe, and they come in hoards to enjoy the romanticism of the place.

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