So which is the best Italy honeymoon destination?  There is no “magic bullet” to this question and no one place will be the jack of all trades. What may be Venice for one person, the couple down the street may have a completely different outlook. The sure thing is that with its rolling countryside, intimate cafes and sweet wines, Italy is a romantic paradise; ideally for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon before spending their lives together. The options for a honeymoon in Italy are many and the possibilities are endless. So if you have not decided yet on any particular destination, do not worry, just follow our five tips and you will find the perfect Italy honeymoon destination.

1. Timing

Before choosing an Italy honeymoon destination, you need to know the time of year you prefer to visit Italy. For instance, if you are planning to visit Italy in the summer, then you may want to choose a coastal Italy honeymoon destination as the cities tend to be hot and crowded. Both the Amalfi Coast and Portofino are stunning. Also, you would be able to choose from the many Italian islands like Capri, Sardinia and the Aeolians. However if you are getting married in the winter, these Italy honeymoon destinations may not be as beautiful and vibrant in the colder months. During this time you may want to consider a city vacation like Rome, Florence or even Venice.

2. Type of Destination

Do you and your partner prefer the romance of the city or the relaxation of the seaside? Are you looking to spend your days exploring the ancient ruins or laying on the beach? Take the time to spend 30 minutes with your partner to evaluate the type of honeymoon you’re both seeking. If you’re preferences are split, there are many places out there that can accommodate each point of interest. For example, the Amalfi Coast is an Italy honeymoon spot where couples can enjoy relaxation at the beach while also exploring many historical landmarks.

3. Reviews Can be Important Tools

No two destinations are equal. Just because you’ve heard about a certain place on the news does not mean it is a good spot for newlyweds. Proper research can help you identify which Italy honeymoon destination is right for you. Many online websites such as TripAdvisor provide useful feedback. Other means of information include word of mouth. Find someone who recently took their honeymoon and ask them some questions about their experience.

4. Budget Conscious

Some areas of Italy are very seasonal and finding a remarkable hotel, can be very expensive. For instance, if you would like to spend your Italy honeymoon in the famous summer destination of Portofino, expect to spend a lot of money. However, there are many small towns and more inexpensive places on the Italian Riviera or the Amalfi Coast to spend your Italy honeymoon. The key is to try to travel in shoulder season. The weather is usually still good, the crowds are less and the prices are cheaper. Nevertheless, don’t get too caught up in planning out every detail the cheapest way. For millions of people across the world, the honeymoon will be the most expensive vacation they will ever take. It’s a special trip that splurging is actually justified.

5. Follow your Dreams

Your honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience. If there is a time your boss will understand your time off, it is now. Take advantage of the situation and splurge a little. Take that trip you’ve always wanted to take. Whether it’s to Rome or to the picturesque coast of Amalfi, use this time to explore Italy.

Conclusively, as you see there are just a few things to think about before booking honeymoon in Italy. The only sure thing is that it’s YOUR honeymoon so do it the way you’ve always wanted to. Take some time to plan out your honeymoon and you will undoubtedly be on your way to a perfect time in your preferred Italy honeymoon destination.