Italy is synonymous with romance, beauty, cultural richness and warm hospitality – all the ingredients to make a perfect honeymoon. If you want to experience a different and, in places an undiscovered, part of Italy then choose to spend your honeymoon in Sicily. While many people may think of Venice for an Italian honeymoon, Sicily offers a fantastic opportunity for a romantic honeymoon experience. Imagine spending that special time with the stunning views of the sun rising above Mount Etna, or sipping a glass of Sicilian wine with that special some-one on your private terrace overlooking the spectacular turquoise sea.

Honeymoons based here will be nothing short of wonderful. The quaint towns with their cobbled streets and local café vibe make for very relaxing sightseeing, while the long stretches of stunning beaches are perfect places to unwind, kick back and soak up some sunshine. The crystal clear waters lap tiny, secluded bays and there are endless coves and rock pools to explore.

Due to its position as the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily has played host to a wide variety of cultures — including the ancient Greeks, Romans, Normans and Moors — over the centuries, and they left it with a diverse array of world-class landmarks. Of course, its location in the middle of the Mediterranean also means the island is blessed with beautiful beaches and dotted with glamorous seaside resort towns. The best vantage points for seeing the island’s natural and historical beauty can be found in the unspoiled countryside and the smaller cities such as Taormina, Agrigento, Siracusa and Selinunte. You can divide up your days between sight-seeing and sun-soaking, and spend your evenings feasting on the region’s mouthwatering cuisine and local wines — a recipe for romantic bliss if we ever heard one.

There are many romantic spots and hotels to accommodate you as honeymooners. You can choose a dreamy seaside location where you can spend a relaxing day at the beach, have an exquisite dining experience at one of Sicily’s many top restaurants, and then take a leisurely walk down the Sicilian streets to take in the quaint bars. You can end your day looking out over the sea with the moon and stars glistening atop the warm sea waters. You may also want to choose to honeymoon in the countryside. Why not spend the first days of your life together relaxing and sightseeing around the gorgeous hilly countryside. You can discover new local restaurants and picturesque towns, taste the traditional specialties and sample the local wines.

There is no shortage of tasty restaurants on the island, all offering an array of seasonal and regional specialities. Dining al fresco is part of life here and makes for many a romantic meal. A great choice for a dreamy holiday, there is so much to experience on this part of the island and here; in Sicily, honeymoons will certainly be unforgettable, special and treasured holidays.

Taormina, Sicily

The Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte, Sicily

Cefalu, Sicily

Romantic Honeymoon in Sicily

Amazing Views of Taormina

Syracuse, Sicily

Greek Theatre in Taormina, SIcily

Taormina, Sicily

Taomina, Sicily

Ragusa, Sicily

Modica, Sicily


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