For many people, when they think of a luxury honeymoon in Italy, Portofino is usually on the top of their list. A place where nature and worldliness come together, Portofino along with its rolling hills, seaside cliffs, lively culture and delicious food has long been one of the best Italy honeymoon destinations. Retaining an old world appeal and offering a truly romantic experience Portofino provides a lavish setting we all dream of! And what better place to stay than at Hotel Splendido where you can immerse within the glamour and all that is best of the Ligurian Riviera.

Being synonymous with Portofino and the Italian Riviera ever since opened its doors in 1901, the Hotel Splendido has been for sure a strong incentive for many to visit Portofino for a classy honeymoon in Italy. A former monastery initially known as the Villa Baratta, the initimate, four-story property was built on several terraces high on a hill providing breathtaking views of the Portofino bay below and the sea beyond. The view of the hotel from the harborside could be taken from a fairy tale. The view of the property up-close — its signature wisteria vine, flowering window boxes and pristine landscaping, all set against a backdrop of multi-hued green, including gigantic Canary palms — sustains the image. That massive wisteria vine overflows between the popular dining terrace and atop the first floor of rooms. When in full spring bloom, its explosive, grape-like clusters of lavender blossoms perfume the air. Added to that display are the myriad of vibrant plants and flowers that seemingly line every walk, terrace and stairs on the long, hillside property.

During your stay there you should definitely enjoy a swim or cocktails alongside the warm pool. Relax upon a balcony or terrace relishing the turquoise sea and luxury yachts cruising by.  For your comfort each room and suite provides elegance and luxury at its finest. The delectable cuisine offers special regional tastes to indulge your Italian palate. For sure Hotel Splendido would make your Italy honeymoon memories last forever.

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