If you’re considering a honeymoon to Italy, you’ve probably researched excursions that include one of the “Big Three” – Rome, Venice, and Florence. But if you’re in search of an Italy honeymoon that includes some beach time, consider the possibility of visiting the Ligurian region, which includes the beautiful Italian Riviera, an area that has long been a favorite of European’s elite and the perfect place for them to escape the everyday pressures of being rich and famous. Indeed, the palm tree-lined avenues, the sandy beaches, and the fine hotels found in towns like San Remo, Santa Margherita Ligure, Portofino, and others along the crescent-shaped coast beckon those looking for a luxurious place to relax and shed the rigors of everyday life.

For honeymooners, the larger resort towns and small fishing villages of the Italian Riviera offer plenty of romance and lots of options for whiling away your time in the sun. You can spend your days lounging on the wide, sandy beaches and your nights at the casino, go shopping along seaside promenades, or take simply time to explore the astounding beauty of the area, which stretches from Tuscany to the border with France. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that you’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenery and beautiful people, and that you’ll create honeymoon memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Italian Riviera Towns

The Italian Riviera is a glorious seaside destination, full of resort towns and coastal villages that stake intermittent claim on the rocky shores of the Ligurian Sea. With its mix of mountains and fishing villages, it is easy to see why this part of Italy has captured the hearts of visitors for over two centuries, no matter where their interests lie.
The former fishing village of Portofino remains one of the most exclusive locations on the coast – a playground for the rich, famous, and fabulously chic. It is a fantastic base for exploring the region, as is the neighboring village of Santa Margherita Ligure. The teetering mountain slopes above the coast, carpeted with olive trees and vines, will transport you to another era, where traditions and cuisine have not changed in centuries. Genoa is a marvelously cosmopolitan and vibrant port city which is home to a fascinating Old Town, with its narrow streets, historic buildings, galleries, and medieval churches. The five tiny villages known as Cinque Terre (Five Lands) offers the perfect backdrop for the outdoor enthusiasts who want to spend a day exploring the charming coast on foot.


For many people, when they think of a luxury honeymoon in Italy, Portofino is usually on the top of their list. Located in the wide Tigullio Gulf on the Italian Riviera, Portofino is blessed with sunny summer weather. Although it began as a fishing town, nowadays it has grown into a resort village with some of the finest 5 star hotels in Italy lodging many well-off and famous people on vacation. In Portofino, nature and worldliness come together. The very atmosphere in this special place hints at La Dolce Vita and that is how many feel about staying or living there. No doubt about it, you will feel like you have been taken back to the 1950′s and 60′s. That is when Portofino became popular with jet setting celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, Frank Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot and on and on. The rich and famous would arrive by yacht and spend their time lounging around luxury hotels and private villas. It was the place to see and be seen. Portofino, still today, remains a magical and enchanting place whose visit reveals different but always fascinating dimensions to be discovered and appreciated in all their fine nuance.

Cinque Terre

A hidden gem tucked into the northwest corner of Italy with its unique blend of historical and colorful hillside towns, sun-drenched vineyards along the Mediterranean, pedestrian-only streets, and many active pursuits, the Cinque Terre is an ideal getaway for couples seeking a trip back in time — and a honeymoon that will be remembered forever. Explore the beautiful and picturesque villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola, where you will enjoy a leisurely walk along the Via Dell’Amore. Here, you can seal your eternal love at ‘Lover’s Lock’ or enjoy a smooch on the ‘Love Seat’. Next, board a public boat and head off to Vernazza, admiring along the way the unique landscape and villages. From here you will go to Moterosso and enjoy a visit of the historic center and a wine tasting of Schiacchetra, the area’s famous sweet wine.

San Remo

Situated about 87 miles west of Genoa, San Remo once attracted Russian tsars, famous artists, and more, but though it’s a little more down-to-earth these days, it’s still full of lovely hotels, restaurants, casinos, and more, many of which appear to harken back to days-gone-by and might seem a little old-fashioned to some. But make no mistake. It’s still a favorite of Italians that have plenty of money to spend and could be a great location for honeymooners who aren’t too concerned about budget. It’s also a good central spot from which you can explore the rest of the coast or other parts of Liguria. For the best in accommodations, check into the Royal Hotel, surrounded by a subtropical park and boasting rooms with the most incredible sea views. Six restaurants and bars, the very opulent Royal Wellness Center, and spectacular service complete the package.


San Remo and Portofino have their exciting nightlife and posh hotels, but Bordighera has what neither of those possess – peace and quiet. This lovely town, which tends to be popular with older adults, is best known for its date palm trees and is the supplier of palms for Palm Sunday masses at the Vatican. It has a few superior restaurants to its name and one really amazing hotel, the Grand Hotel Del Mare, with rooms that all face the sea, an impressive staff, and only 65 rooms, so you’ll never feel like you’re in a crowd.

Santa Margherita Ligure

This is another perfect destination for those who prefer understated elegance to glitz. Blessed with a beautiful harbor lined with weathered fishing boats and plenty of sand for lounging, it’s the ideal romantic spot for those who just want to sit back and relax. The cafes in town are warm, welcoming, and serve great locally-cultivated food and there’s more than one really good hotel, including the reasonably-priced, family-owned Hotel Fasce with its rooftop solarium and lovingly-landscaped grounds; and the more expensive Gran Hotel Miramare, opened in 1903 (the first large hotel in the town) and situated in a stunning whitewashed Art Nouveau building with a magnificent pool, lots of outdoor eating areas, delicately furnished rooms, marble bathrooms, a decadent spa, and much more.

Other towns to consider visiting while on your Italian Riviera honeymoon include Lerici (near Tuscany), Nervi with its long seaside promenade and rose-filled public park, the charming seaside village of Portovenere, and the medieval Taggia.

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