Few countries in the world possess the vast beauty, rich heritage and most desirable food in the world than Italy. As couples narrow the honeymoon search to Italy, the focus quickly turns to which Italian city. Loaded with multiple world-class cities, each having its own unique flavor, the honeymoon spots are endless.

But as thousands of honeymooners flock to the shores of Italy each year to explore the land, soak up the sun and learn about our ancient past, what are they saying and how can their experiences help you?  It’s a basic question but an important one.

Read below for a list of the three top Italian destinations for a honeymoon and why it may make sense for yours. Also consider combing the three together in one trip. The relative proximity and extensive public transportation system in Italy makes it completely viable to experience all three. This way you won’t have to choose but can enjoy the best of Italy on your honeymoon!


No trip to Italy is complete without stepping foot inside Rome. Rome is not only a popular Italy honeymoon destination but also one of the most visited tourist locations in the entire world – and rightfully so. For honeymooners, the vibrant city is ideal for any couple. It has a romantic side and also feeds our curiosity that all humans possess.

With attractions such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and the Vatican, there’s no question you could spend days in Rome and never get bored. These important and historically rich landmarks will marvel and astound your senses.  We’ve all grown up reading about these in our history textbooks and they are finally brought to life on your visit!

Some of the best food in all of Italy can be found in Rome. With literally thousands of restaurants sprinkled throughout the city, you can be as choosey as you’d like. After a long day of visiting the Vatican and touring the Coliseum, there’s nothing else like a thoughtfully cooked Italian meal over a nice glass of wine! After dinner, be sure to take a stroll to see Trevi Fountain illuminated at night. The massive fountain is an impressive structure and a romantic place to spend the evening!


A honeymoon in Venice, is a popular choice among couples.  Its many interconnecting canals and secret passageways lay the framework for an exciting afternoon exploring one of the best cities in the world. And with no cars or other motor operated vehicles on the streets, getting around is easier than ever. That is, if you are handy with a map and can navigate the intricate maze of streets and canals.  It’s probably the only city in the world where getting lost is actually expected and part of the fun!

Gondola rides are a famous attraction and important part of the city as well. Although they are notoriously known for being a little pricey, they are also more widely known for being a romantic mode of transportation. For couples on their honeymoon, gondola rides in the evening are highly romantic and a great way to cap off the night!


Although, there are many Italy honeymoon destinations that can offer the romance you‘re looking for in Italy, Florence has a special charm that many couples appreciate. This city is full of romance, history and rich culture. Whether you want a private honeymoon that you can spend together quietly or you prefer a boisterous honeymoon full of excitement and bustling nightlife, you can find both in Florence. You’ll quickly discover that Florence is full of exciting places to go and visit. Enjoy some of the city’s most beautiful sights in the Piazza del Duomo and then you can enjoy strolling arm and arm through the Piazza della Signoria while enjoying a bit of the local, tasty ice cream. While you are in the Piazza della Signoria, which is the most famous square within Florence, do not miss to admire the lovely open-air exhibit of sculptures. Beautiful statutes are included in this exhibit, including a gorgeous copy of David by Michelangelo.

Florence is also well known for its charming bridges and waterways, including the famous Ponte Vecchio, which was the first Arno River Bridge in Florence. Built back in 1345 and offering a special historical charm, Ponte Vecchio is the ideal place to spend some time enjoying the view of the lovely Arno River or shopping at the little shops that line the bridge.