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7 Reasons to Go in Venice for Honeymoon

Venice, a city of romance with its unique blend of water and art makes it a perfect choice as an Italy honeymoon destination. The city represents an urban landscape so rich in its lavishness that it can be overwhelming yet feel intimate as you weave through its narrow streets during your Venice honeymoon. Built on water, this 1,000 year old city captivates travelers with its artistic and architectural point of view. Though known for its sites and canals, various parts of the year offer Venetian events such as Carnival which is celebrated for ten days leading up to Lent. If your honeymoon is in September, you may also see the Regatta Storica which is an annual trial of strength and skill for the city’s gondoliers and begins with a procession of richly decorated historic craft along the Grand Canal. The city also hosts the Venice Biennale, a showpiece for international contemporary art that is held every odd-numbered year from June to September. Still, no matter when you walk this city’s streets or ride the waters of its Canal, here are 7 reasons to consider Venice among your honeymoon ideas:

What to Pack for your Honeymoon in Italy

You’ve survived wedding planning, and a honeymoon to Italy is on the horizon. With its rolling countryside, intimate cafes and sweet wines, Italy is a romantic paradise; and in order to ensure that your honeymoon would be as relaxing and stress-free as possible, pack light. Getaways to the “Bel Paese” are best enjoyed unencumbered, and you’ll need plenty of suitcase space for all the Italian indulgences you’ll be bringing home. Keep both the practical and the romantic in mind while you pack.

Top 10 Things To Do on a Amalfi Coast Honeymoon

With its little pastel-hued villages terraced into hillsides, filled with hidden spots, precipitous corniche roads, luxuriant gardens and captivating views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Amalfi Coast it appears to be one of the most romantic Italy honeymoon destinations. It is a landscape that once you see it, becomes unforgettable as it is the perfect setting for an Italy honeymoon, surrounded by all the charms and warmth of southern Italy. While you’ll find romance around just about every corner, here are 10 romantic things to do and places to visit during your Italy honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast.

Five Useful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Italy Honeymoon Destination

So which is the best Italy honeymoon destination?  There is no “magic bullet” to this question and no one place will be the jack of all trades. What may be Venice for one person, the couple down the street may have a completely different outlook. The sure thing is that with its rolling countryside, intimate cafes and sweet wines, Italy is a romantic paradise; ideally for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon before spending their lives together. The options for a honeymoon in Italy are many and the possibilities are endless. So if you have not decided yet on any particular destination, do not worry, just follow our five tips and you will find the perfect Italy honeymoon destination.

Top 10 Romantic PlacesYou Should Visit on an Italy Honeymoon

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world, especially by honeymooners. Its picturesque historic sights, atmospheric old towns and beautiful natural scenery make it a popular destination for any couple that wants to inject their travels with a large amount of romance. Some spots in Italy are known as destinations for lovers, while others are no less romance-inspiring, but have escaped the notice of guide-book writers and travelers thus far. If you are looking for the perfect Italian setting to propose, spend a honeymoon or simply rekindle the proverbial spark with your significant other, here is where you should go.