Tuscany Honeymoon

How to Best Enjoy your Italy Honeymoon in Tuscany

Contributed by: Tia Meredith

Stepping upon Tuscan soil is an experience that has been put to canvas by painters such as Leonardo and Raphael. The green valleys, rolling hills, vineyards and olive groves inspire romance and its Renaissance charm makes it a top Italy honeymoon destination. Located along Italy’s central west coast, it is one of the best regions in Italy for a honeymoon. However, because of the variety of experiences this destination has to offer, recommendations from a professional in travel such as those found at Travel2Italy will ensure you have the perfect honeymoon in Tuscany.

Top 5 Italy Honeymoon Destinations

According to www.Travel2Italy.com here are the top 5 Italy honeymoon destinations.

1. Venice

Venice sits nestled on the northeast coast of Italy as a network of over 100 tiny islands. These islands are separated by narrow canals and connected by bridges. If you’re planning your honeymoon, Venice is an ideal spot for relaxation, adventure and romance. As a recognized World Heritage Site, Venice, its lagoon, unique topography, and wealth of historic buildings work together to create a sort of city-wide museum, where you can see wonders of man and nature alike.